I plan to do this consecration ritual on New Year’s Eve (which is a Tuesday, the day of Mars) during a planetary hour of Mars.

I’ll light the candles and the Mars incense, then cast a circle like for the charging ritual by invoking the four elements as I know Them plus above, below, left and right; and I’ll invite Mars too.

I plan to rub the talisman with some of the Mars oil I made the other night then pass it through the smoke of the incense while consecrating the talisman.

I wasn’t sure exactly what to say to consecrate; but when I was flipping through my new copy of The Greek Magical Papyri in Translation (Betz) I found an all purpose consecration. It invokes Helios, specifically, but I broke the elements in it down and came up with one for Mars. My focus is primarily on the planetary energy of Mars, but being a hardcore Pagan I couldn’t help but get some Mars the God in there too. So this is what I came up with, based on PGM IV, 1596-1715 (p. 68, if you have the book):

“I invoke you, Star of Mars, Red Wanderer, Magnetic One, Fierce Warrior, Tireless Defender: Father Mars, Son of Juno, Husband of Nerio, Vital One Who Blazes Red in the Night, come to me.

You stimulate growth and bring fierce healing. Seeds quicken and sprout forth when you call the Spring time; you infuse all with life and make all vital.

Give glory and vitality and favor and good fortune and power to this talisman which I consecrate this day at your holy hour for the purpose of bringing the energy of Mars in to me in balance and in good health.

You are Stella Martis, the Star of Mars, He Who Blazes Brightly; give fierce vitality and power to this talisman.

You are Mars Adsertor, Mars the Assister, Who restores and renews freedom and liberty; give courage and strength to this talisman.

You are Mars Conservator, Mars the Preserver, Who defends and protects and maintains freedom; shield and protect this talisman.

You are Mars Ultor, Mars the Avenger, Who punishes those who harm children; give power and safety to this talisman.

You are Mars Victor, Mars Victorious, Who grants success and victory; let all things done by this talisman be successfully accomplished in glorious victory.

Father Mars, Stella Martis, You Who Blaze Red in the Night, hear my voice today and let all things done by this talisman be brought to fulfillment, especially that I be filled with the energy of Mars in balance and in good health.

Thank you, Father Mars.

It is done.”

I’ll then close the circle down and thank everyone as usual.


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