This is what I plan to do to charge the Mars talisman each night.

First I’ll light the candles and incense; then I’ll cast a small circle, invoking the elements by the names I know Them as well as above, below, left and right; then I will probably also call on Mars to be present. This functions both to focus the energy and to keep the negative out. I don’t usually banish if I’m casting a circle because that feels redundant.

I’ll probably rub some of the Mars oil on my hands and then sit down with the talisman, the beads, and the papyrus magic square and mantra ‘cheat sheets’. Then I’ll hold the talisman while looking at the magic square and focus on the numbers in order. For each number I will say my ‘mantra’ once (i.e. all five names) then move onto the next number. When I’ve done all twenty-five I’ll count that as one repetition and start again. I’m planning to do twenty-five repetitions altogether each night.

The mantra again is: Stella Martis, Mars Adsertor, Mars Conservator, Mars Ultor, Mars Victor. I don’t know how to pronounce Latin so I’m just going to say it American Englishly. The names are the Latin for the planet (‘Star of Mars’), Mars the Assister, Mars the Preserver, Mars the Avenger, and Mars the Victor.

I’ve adapted this from something in Huson’s Mastering Witchcraft where he tells the practitioner to do something similar with the Magic Square of Mercury prior to divination to connect with Mercury.

I’m going to leave some time after that open to meditate or journey; I may not always journey because I have to be in the right frame of mind to manage it, but I’ll at least be able to meditate a bit.

When I’m all done I’ll put everything back on the altar, thank Mars, extinguish the candles, close the circle down, thank everyone else, and be done.


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